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A pool cover is the best way to protect family and friends and to optimize your investment, ensuring your swimming pool will remain the source of fun and enjoyment as it was intended to be. If you already have a pool, or if you're planning to build one, remember: a pool without a pool cover is like a house without a roof.

Automatic safety covers

The fabric we use is the product of  years of research and experience. Reinforced with a strong polyester mesh for strength and tear resistance, this high-performance vinyl-resin formula provides maximum durability in the swimming pool environment.


- maximum weather resistance

- ultraviolet resistance

- mildew resistance

- chemical-extraction resistance

- dimensional stability

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The driving force behind every automatic pool cover system we install is state-of-the-art mechanisms and motors. The high-grade stainless-steel and anodized-aluminum mechanism is specifically suited to the pool environment and contributes to smooth operation and overall longevity of the system.

The advanced electric system comes standard with all pool covers we install. It uses a powerful 3/4 hp submersible electric motor available exclusively

from Cover-Pools.



For those who prefer hydraulic systems or have limited space, we also offer a powerful 1 1/2 hp hydraulic motor.

Motor and Mechanism

Vanishing Lid

The vanishing lid system is designed to allow the pool cover to retract completely under the lid on Underside track systems.





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